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Drupal is widely used content management system. Drupal is used to easily manage, update and publish the content in the website. Many individuals and organizations are using Drupal to create professional websites to suit their custom requirements. As per the PACKTPUB survey in year 2008 awarded the best overall cms winner. Because of easy creating sites, application and management, drupal is used by many organizations. We can enhance the functionality of drupal by adding available add on modules.

Drupal can be used to create following types of websites :

  • Personal websites
  • Professional corporate websites
  • Social Networking Sites
  • Community Forums
  • E-Commerces Websites
  • Intranet & Internet applications

Drupal Training Modules

Introduction to CMS (Module 1)

  • Introduction to CMS
  • Structure of CMS
  • Types of CMS (Files & Database)
  • Introduction to Drupal
  • Advantages of using Drupal
  • Drupal Versions (5 and 6)

Drupal Installation (Module 2)

  • Installation of XAMPP
  • Drupal Installation Requirements
  • Installing Drupal on Local System
  • Installing Drupal in apache

Drupal Menu and Themes (Module 3)

  • Install and Uninstall Themes
  • Creating Menus
  • Types of Menus

Content Management in Drupal (Module 4)

  • Block Management
  • Category Management
  • Creating Content
  • Creating Content Type
  • Front Page Management
  • Views of Content
  • Adding Fields In Content Edit page

User Management in Drupal (Module 5)

  • Creating User in Drupal
  • User types in Drupal
  • User Access Control
  • Additional User modules

Drupal Modules (Module 6)

  • Install and Uninstall Modules
  • Module Management
  • Use of Default Modules
  • Popular Modules in Drupal

Drupal Template Design (Module 7)

  • Introduction to Drupal Templates
  • Customizing Drupal Template
  • Creating Custom Drupal Template
  • Introduction to Creating Regions
  • Core templates and suggestions

Drupal Views and customization (Module 8)

  • Introduction to views module
  • Creating Views
  • Theming Views Output

Creating Drupal Modules (Module 9)

  • Introduction to Drupal modules Files
  • Introduction to Ecommerce module
  • How to Create a module
  • Introduction to Drupal Hooks
  • Introdution to use of templete.php
  • Introduction to Creating Forms in Drupal
  • Introduction to Creating Blocks

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